Regardless of political party, Jill has united Lower Moreland residents from every political persuasion.


By putting the betterment of the township first, without viewing it through the prism of politics.

During the election, the guiding principles of her campaign will be:


  • Is our township tax millage fair?
  • Can we do more to bring Lower Moreland residents together and strengthen our community?
  • How can we increase and improve the resources of our public safety officers to keep Lower Moreland safe?
  • Is the environmental impact of Lower Moreland housing development being properly managed?
  • How can we make Lower Moreland more business-friendly?
  • Is the Soccer-Mom vote fairly represented in our township? 



We choose these issues, because these are the issues that Lower Moreland residents have told us are IMPORTANT TO THEM!

Though we live in a great township…We Can Do Better!