Dedicated to Lower Moreland

As a long-time resident of Lower Moreland, I am committed to serving this great community once again.

More importantly, though, I wanted to thank you and all my neighbors for helping me become a better candidate in this election.  During this entire year of campaigning throughout the township, introducing myself, and fielding concerns from our citizens, I have been greeted with incredible warmth, tremendous support, and best wishes for a successful campaign during this important election in our township.  And it has been your insights on the township that made me a better candidate. Whether discussing taxes, traffic, the amount of housing development in Lower Moreland, the Pennypack Trail, sidewalks, recreation, or community activities, I have heard you loud and clear.

And I hope that you recognize the profound differences between our two approaches to leadership.  Our campaign is a forward-looking one (not backwards), is designed to unify our community (not divide it), and is issues-based to help improve and guide Lower Moreland into the future (not negative to drag each other down). 

In fact, our support is coming from both parties, who, frankly, are feeling rather disconnected from some of the important decision-making that is happening in the township and that significantly affects our community.  Both Democrats and Republicans, alike, are telling our campaign that they feel their voice has meant little to nothing in township business over the last few years.

Well…that is about to change, since the primary reason I am running again for Lower Moreland Township Commissioner is this…to reconnect YOUR voice to the decision-making process that is guiding the future planning in our township.  

If you trust me with your vote, please know that your voice will be heard on the Lower Moreland Board of Commissioners.

Thank you!
Jill Blumhardt, Candidate for
Lower Moreland Board of Commissioners