Duesler Named VoteJill Campaign Manager

Jill Blumhardt, left, with Duesler, as they work the polls in Lower Moreland’s Ward 2 during a recent election.

Jill Blumhardt, candidate for Lower Moreland Township Ward 2 Commissioner, announced today the appointment of Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr. as Campaign Manager.

Duesler, a 19-year resident of Radburn Road in Lower Moreland, has been a grassroots political organizer since 2004, when he canvassed during the Presidential election.

More recently, Duesler has been a certified poll watcher in Lower Moreland’s Ward 2, where he worked with Blumhardt.

“I’ve watched Jill work tirelessly for the residents of Lower Moreland and Montgomery County over the last decade, so I am honored to spearhead the VoteJill campaign,” Duesler said.  “I can think of no better candidate in our entire township who is, not only qualified, but who’s priority is the welfare of all our township’s residents.  Jill’s work on the Pennypack Trial and with the township parks is just one example of the lasting impact her work can have.  We look forward to Jill regaining her seat on the commission, so that she can once again work to continue improving Lower Moreland.”

Duesler is married to Bernice G. Duesler, MD, a neonatologist at Holy Redeemer Hospital in adjoining Meadowbrook.  The Duesler’s have four children.